Great artwork for the kiddo's room. Animal Alphabet | Marcus Reed.

Animal Alphabet

This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.


typostrate: “Chalking Despite our overwhelming workload at Columbus College of Art & Design Dangerdust brings it upon to create a chalkboard every week. They have taken over the chalkboard on the.

Noveau Neon print pattern surface pattern design Wallpaper and fabric

Noveau Neon print & pattern surface pattern design Wallpaper and fabric by Hackney & Co. I like this wallpaper design, due to the contrast of the flowers and the pale blue used.

wendy kendall designs – freelance surface pattern designer » holiday traffic

-Limited colour palette -Variation in object placement eludes to playfulness -Simplistic style By Wendy Kendall

Editorial Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Today we are going to share Eiko Ojala’s Papercut Illustration work, He is a graphic designer and illustrator. He continued his creative Papercut drawings,

Illusion: Chinese artist Paul Shanghai can be drawing for 60 hours or more to perfect the look of flowing water, which is quite difficult to achieve due to the movement and transparency of this liquid. His artwork is composed on smooth paper that has a Bristol board kind of surface, and he uses various materials depending on....

The Beauty of Liquid

pencil-drawing / Paul Stowe, a hobbyist artist living in Shanghai, China, created this unbelievable piece of art entirely using pencils! Titled “Running water“

EO2.jpg 771×720 píxeles

I love these graphic floral patterns from Elizabeth Olwen, a Toronto-based surface designer who's inspired by pastoral beauty, nature in its most playful forms, folklore, and romance.