Mini hangers from paperclips. Mind blown.

DIY: From Paper Clips to Mini Hangers.because you never know when you may need a mini hanger!

Calendar Planetarium by Emigo

Calendar Planetarium by Emigo via Behance *not accurate to the planets' scale or surface, but still beautiful* -- timeline idea?

calender ruatz

RuArts gallery calendar by Marina Dobraya. On December 7 RuArts celebrated seven years since it was founded.

Creative Calendar Design Ideas For 2014 - Rocking Chair Sculpture Calendar

How genius is this 2012 Rocking Chair Sculpture Calendar by Katsumi Tamura for Good Morning, Inc. It is designed to sit on your desk and it even rocks bac

Calendars for 2013

Jenna Park does some of my favorite food photography, and she's put together one of my favorite (so far) 2013 calendars


different self supporting format. seems mailable size. maybe if weekly, but not monthly.

Les petits papiers de Lollipop designs, un calendrier pour organiser son année.   Stationery paper from Lollipop designs, a calendar to organize your family year.

Les petits papiers de Lollipop