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a blue and white web page with an image of a maze
¡Error 404! 11 ejemplos que demuestran que estas páginas pueden sacar todo nuestro ingenio
Error 404 + Creatividad
people are standing around with the words 404 on it's back and an image of
404 Page
404 Page
an error page for the website
Oops ! 404
Oops ! 404
the back of a person's head wearing a beanie and looking at something in the distance
404 Page Inspiration
404 Page Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium
the number forty four is displayed in front of an ocean background with text that reads, 404
404 Page Concept
404 Page Concept
the page has an image of a lightbulb on it, and reads 404
404 Page - Day #007
Hi Friends, Welcome to daily UI challenge for 100 days. This is day 007 Today’s challenge is to create a ‘404’ page with a cool illustrations. Press ‘L’ to show your love. You can also downlo...
an image of different colored lines that are in the same color and size as well
Mars | Multipurpose Parallax Error Pages
Mars | Multipurpose Parallax Error Pages The Unique and Modern error pages Template. This template is creatively designed for different purposes ex. Agency,App,Architecture,Doctor,Eduaction,Event,Finance,Law,Real Estate,Minimal with SVG,Personal,Photographer,Restaurant,Shopping,E-commerce,Simple,Spa,Travel,Weather,Weddin Its Highly Customizable,Easy to use. Mars Powered by HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery with Fully Responsive. Get Mars now!
two vertical banners with the same text and image on one side that says 4044, sorry, but this page doesn't exit
Error 404 and Error 500 pages I made some months ago for a responsive website.
a large group of people standing in front of a building with signs on it that read 404 page not found
404 Error Page Designs | Inspiration | Graphic Design Blog
Testigo error 404
an image of a website page with the number forty4 on it's screen
404 Error Page Designs | Inspiration | Graphic Design Blog
Head-vs-Tails App
an image of a pink bird with the words whoopsie on it
Suspended Animations website
the error page for rocket theme
What is 404 Not Found nginx Error & How To Fix It
404 Not Found nginx Error (What It Is and How To Fix It)
an image of a spaceman floating in the sky with text that reads 4x4 it looks like you're lost
404 Space error
404 Space error
the lego man is holding two different toys
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I love Lego's error (404) page features several frustrated and/or embarrassed Lego figurines. Very appropriate for the site and it almost makes you wish for an error to see which Lego character will be featured!
the error screen for an app that allows users to check out their phone's numbers
404 Page Inspiration
404 Page Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium