Paso a paso para hacer aceite esencial de lavanda

Make lavender essential oil extract from fresh lavender plants the quick an easy way

Cómo hacer aceite esencial de naranja

How to make homemade orange essential oil. Orange essential oil is obtained from the skin of this delicious citrus and is one of the most widely used in aromatherapy,because of the magnificent properties oranges offer. It provides a nice sweet.

5 cosas que hay que tener en cuenta para hacer jabón casero

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JABÓN DE CENIZAS (Lejía de cenizas). 100% biodegradable

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Making soap isn’t difficult. Today I’m sharing my quick and easy, basic beginner soap recipe with fun ideas for personalizing it by adding exfoliants, essential oils, etc.

Natural carrot juice, carrot oil, goat milk and raw honey are packed into in this nutritious natural shampoo bar. Beta carotene in the carrot juice and oil drenches thirsty hair with vitamin A to help rejuvenate hair shafts.

Cómo hacer jabón casero de zanahoria para cuidar la piel Foto: mejor con salud

This homemade soap will nourish and renew your skin, while leaving it with a bronze glow without having to expose it to dangerous UV radiation.

JABÓN DE CENIZAS (Lejía de cenizas). 100% biodegradable

Wood ash for washing dishes. Wood ash combined with water makes the oldest form of celadon glaze. The same mixture also makes fine dish soap.


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