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a room with white walls and wooden flooring next to a book shelf filled with books
Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration - The Inspired Room
Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration
two wicker chairs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor covered in green pillows
Cottage Journal Collector's Shed
common ground : Cottage Journal Collector's Shed
an outhouse in the woods with tools and gardening implements inside it's door
Cottage Journal Collector's Shed
common ground : Cottage Journal Collector's Shed
the man is working on his workbench
Drop-Down Workbench
No shop is complete without a workbench, but not everyone’s shop space allows room for a big, freestanding bench. This bench offers a sturdy place for all your shop chores, and folds down flat against the wall when not in use to save space. FREE PLANS at
a bakery with lots of food on the counter and hanging lights over it's windows
Stylizimo´s Gothenburg guide | Stylizimo
storage and counters
the inside of an old building with plants growing in pots and hanging from the ceiling
gorgeous indoor potting area #rustic #industrial
a room filled with lots of plants and furniture
Relaxation Point
garden room
a table with some plants on it and a chair in front of it, next to a potted plant
Find a Firm: Search the Remodelista Architect & Designer Directory
desk area
a wooden workbench with tools on it and the words built - to - last
organized work bench - priority 1 this summer!!!!!!!!!!!
a sewing machine sitting on top of a wooden table next to drawers and other items
Cabinet Makeover and Rustic Wall Rack/Shelf - Scavenger Chic
before and after workshop makeover, diy apothercary cabinet, rolling pallet storage, kitchen cabinet makeover, resurface old kitchen counter
a woman sitting at a table in front of a store filled with bottles and jars
Hams and Bacon
love the wall mounted crate shelving
an image of a room with many things on the wall and in front of it
Creating a Creative Space | WORLD OF WANDERLUST
Creating a Creative Space
a wooden bench sitting in front of a shed with lights on the roof and potted plants hanging from it
How I Found My Style Sundays- Little Farmstead
love the lighting & the siding. So cute to have curtains on the outside.
an old fashioned desk with two stools in front of it and shelves on the wall
Brocante de LA BRUYERE : nouveautés et ambiance - bruyère curieuse
cool workshop space!