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an old farm house sits in the middle of a green field with trees and grass
Abandoned Farm In Mourne Mountains Co.Down, ireland
an old house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake filled with water lilies
Misty Devon morning, England
devon, england // yeah, devon has actually been removed from the retirement list after i read 'and then there were none' okay bye
a house sitting on the edge of a lake next to trees and grass in front of it
a blue and yellow bird sitting on top of a tree branch
As above, so below... As within, so without... As the universe, so the soul...
snow covered rooftops and buildings with mountains in the background
Homepage - Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor
Norway Storjford Hotel
an open door leading to a scenic view of mountains and lake in the distance with dark clouds overhead
glorious view through a stunning doorway
an old house in the middle of a field with tall grass and wildflowers
Moments and Memories
ghost house
a barn in the fog with birds flying over it
Old barn in the Fog
ancient barn in autumn Old Houses, Wyoming, Lombok, Pergola, Barn, Old Buildings, Cottage
ancient barn in autumn
a church with a steeple surrounded by wildflowers and bluebonned daisies
church in a meadow
snow covered trees and mountains in the distance
The magical places I get to walk every day #beautifulbc #mountains #scenery
an image of the sun setting over a snowy river
snowy sunrise
the sky is filled with clouds over an open field and some rocks in the foreground
Oh Canada! (Canadian Prairies)