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a ticket sitting on top of a cement floor
an old blue thermostaer hanging on a white wall with rusted metal fittings
an electrical outlet attached to the side of a building
a white gazebo sitting next to a lush green park
Backyard Cottage
sleeping pavillion
a garden shed with lots of potted plants and flowers in the foreground, surrounded by greenery | The official home for all things Disney
Garden greenhouse retreat! via Better Homes and Gardens
a small wooden building with lots of windows and plants in the front yard, along with potted flowers
Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows
Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows
a small white garden shed sitting on top of a lush green field in front of a white picket fence
Dying of cute
Garden Shed
a window box filled with flowers next to a house
Roof Remodeling, Siding Remodeling, Folsom Remodeling
window trim/window box
a garden shed with lots of plants in it
Old Window Greenhouses
Greenhouse made from salvaged windows for the glass, salvaged doors, an old deck for 1/2 the floor and the other half is discounted paving stone
a small greenhouse with potted plants in it
Lady Butterbug
Greenhouse made out of old windows