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My chemical romance! (Tate) <3

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers lyrics. (Tate, American Horror Story) I don't know if I should put this on my American Horror Story board or my my Chem board!

"All monsters are human" American Horror Story: Asylum

Sister Jude: Your story about little green men? Kit: They weren't human. They were monsters. Sister Jude: All monsters are human.

Tate, Kit, Kyle

American Horror Story // Tate // Kit // Kyle // Murder House // Asylum // Coven---- Even Peters.<<< my favorite is Tate.I love Kit and Kyle but Kyle only has like 25 lines in the whole season and Kit, idk I like Kit but I like Tate

Edward Cullen is your favorite fictional character? How cute for you. No bitch. Tate Langdon.

Congrats on your promotion. Good luck working for that evil bitch that is now your boss.

Stiles' "wisdom" is a perfect compliment to Scott's "wolvelihood" | 21 Reasons Why Scott And Stiles Are The Cutest Couple On "Teen Wolf"

Dylan O'Brien,Tyler Posey Stiles,Scott McCall Teen Wolf - "Maybe you caught a rabbit or something. No, you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.