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a cartoon character holding a hammer next to a sign that reads,'en caso de
En caso de lunes romper el cristal. #viñetas #humor #missborderlike #border #gracioso
the star wars logo for monday strikes back
monday strikes back!
star wars inspiration
an image of a cartoon character with glasses on it's face and the words monday
Inside Out Monday
I Hate Monday Mondays, Quotes, I Hate Mondays, Funny Thoughts, Hate, Hilarious, Words
I Hate Monday
an image of a truck with the words, oh good my books are here
23 Terrifying Moments That Will Make College Students Go "Shit!"
When your books arrive and you realize you just dropped enough money to furnish your entire dorm room:
a man in red shirt sitting at a table with papers and writing on paper next to him
a man sitting on the floor with a laptop computer in front of him, saying i won't be impressed with technology until i can download food
10 Illustrations That'll Speak Straight To Your Food-Loving Heart
10 Illustrations That'll Speak Straight To Your Food-Loving Heart
the words are written in white and black on a blue background with an image of a pig
Arguing with a lawyer is like wrestling a pig in mud: sooner or later you realize that they like it.
a man sitting in a chair with a top hat on his head and holding a cane
an open book with the words chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands
That it does.