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a girl is holding a sign with the letter s on it and water coming out of it
Twitter por vena
Twitter por vena
a poster with the words be impecable with your word 2 don't take anything
The Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz). Truth is always timeless.
two images with different stages of the same person in front of each other, one showing boss and leader
Boss says 'Go!', Leader says 'Let's Go'
a person holding up a sign that says work hard and be nice to people
soul on fire
¿Está claro?
Éxito como embarazo Funny Quotes, Sayings, Pregnancy Ecards, What Is Success, Success, Someecards, Hilarious, Humor
Success Explained
Éxito como embarazo
a sign that says it never gets easier you just get better
Good Vibes here (The Good Vibe)
and better, and better...
a window with the words at all costs you must love what you do
Cueste lo que Cueste
Aprender Wise Words, Teaching Quotes, Teacher Quotes
Special thanks to teachers... — Roben-Marie Smith - Tech-Savvy Artist
the words plan, plan, plan and action are shown in black on a gray background
Action !
an image of a poster with instructions on how to use it
"This is how things are done around here"
Así es como siempre se han hecho las cosas
two pictures with some writing on them and one has a handwritten letter to someone
Atención al Cliente, la base de todo