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a living room filled with furniture next to a wall covered in peeling paint on the walls
Tendencias en pinturas para pintar paredes modernas
Tendencia en interiores. Paredes inacabadas, imperfectas y dañadas
there are many lanterns on the table next to the stairs
Casa Dondup Milano | stefano longoni
Buen atrezzo
an assortment of glass and metal objects on a white surface with one egg in the middle
a lamp sitting on top of a table next to a painting
Stulpje in Berlijn met bijzondere werkplek - INTERIOR JUNKIE
Stulpje in Berlijn met bijzondere werkplek
a yellow light hanging over a wooden table
A day in the land of nobody
LED pendant #lamp EMMA T-3404L T-3405 T-3405L by Estiluz S.A. | #design Goula / Figuera Studio @estiluz
a green light hanging from a white cord on a black background with a wooden stick sticking out of it
A Rare Holmegaard Pendant Lamp in Teak + Cased Glass ::
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with green glass tubes and gold metal fittings
Cool pendant
a white light hanging from a ceiling in a room with gray walls and flooring
Parachilna Aballs Lamps by Jaime Hayon -Design, Desk lamps, Lighting, Misc, Table lamps, Wall/ceiling lamps
Jaime Hayon | Aballs Pendant Lamp
a glass and metal light hanging from a ceiling
two lights are hanging from a rope on a tree in the snow, with text that reads
Atelier 688: Interiors Inspired by the Outdoors - Remodelista
two metal bowls mounted to the wall
wall lights - arhaus oil factory - palle suenson - 1940s
two green and white light fixtures on a black wall
Vare: 3850886 Palle Suenson, par væglamper, ca. 1940 (2)
five different colored lamps hanging from the ceiling
Coco Lapine
Material Pendant - via Coco Lapine Design
three gray lights hanging from the ceiling
Artek A338 Bilberry 🇫🇮 Alvar Aalto ⏐ Scandinavia Design
A338 Bilberry Pendant Lamp. Designed in 1950 for spotlighting. This lamp was originally designed for Villa Carre in France.