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The Best Resources For World Biodiversity Day (& Endangered Species Day)

Team SOURE / PORTUGAL: I know it's a different nature, but it highlights the importance of caring about the environment, preserving species and green areas around us. Have a look at this great infographic showing us that we're losing biodiversity.

Here's where the most threatened mammals are in the world

This is a pin with the most engangered animals in different countries,i think there are too many dead animals in the world.

A video that tell the function of the Green House effect, and its incovenients.

Prevention of global warming essay questions Global Warming is Causing Climate Change Essay - Global warming is the increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. Naturally occurring gases such as carbon.

if water scarcity is a great problem imagine it combined with the change in temperature, the world would lose all the water faster than ever.

How climate change will affect global water scarcity by Only a few degrees Celsius of warming will leave millions exposed to aggravated forms of water scarcity.

the water scarcity is the reason why today lot's of people hasn't got enough water to have a normal life, the most logical explenation for water scarcity might be the recently increasing global warming.

This pin talks about the physical water scarcity, economic water scarcity and the people who do not have access to sanitation clean water and who they are undernourished

Endangered Species Infographic #infographic #endangered #animal

Liza Martinez: This pin shows how many animals are going extinct and animals that are endangered. It gives the statistic that every day since 2 species have gone extinct.