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Download this free lesson sheet on Mesopotamia for kids detailing the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians – perfect for the classr...

Infographic: Mesopotamia - Kids Discover

Download this free lesson sheet on Mesopotamia for kids, perfect for the classroom or home.

6th grade classroom themes | 6th grade Carved Cartouches

6th grade Carved Cartouches

Work-in-progress, sheet rock carving Our 6th graders study ancient Egypt in social studies, and I've tried to coordinate an art project each year. I don't like to do the same thing every time (for 4 reasons: 1 - because I guess I get bored easily; 2 - because I get excited about new ideas; 3 - because the Libra in me makes it impossible for me to make up my mind; and 4 - because if a student repeats 6th grade he won't repeat the same project.) Two of my favorite Egypt projects involve…

Paper Mache Canopic Jars

Art Lesson: Paper Mache Canopic Jars

Prepare Paper Mache mix in a bowl for each table. Students should cut strips of newspapers to put on the outside of the Pringles cans while using wheat paste or flour for creating and attaching the heads on the Pringles can lids. Have students paper mache the can being careful not to seal the head on.

Another 6th grade social studies blog

Water for Sixth Grade

The great thing about the United States, well, at least what I think is great about the United States, is that there are many, many cultures within its borders. We know it is horribly wrong to try to kill off a culture and get those people to assimilate into another culture. Instead, our cultural differences should be celebrated and shared! We should learn from other cultures, rather than shy away from them and treat them as inferior. Learning from other cultures can do nothing but help…

Ancient Egyptian Page Borders. Free Printables.

Ancient Egyptian Diary Entry Template

Use this fantastic ancient Egyptian diary entry template to add some flair, excitement and support independent writing tasks for this topic.

Cuneiform writing on clay tablets - 6th Grade Social Studies activity

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

A blog about the everyday experiences in a fifth grade classroom, including lessons, activities, organization tips, and an occasional freebie!


Familia y Cole - Portal educativo para familias, educadores y profesionales

Portal educativo para familias, educadores y profesionales

20 Herramientas para Crear Líneas De Tiempo | #Artículo #Educación

21 Herramientas Para Crear Líneas De Tiempo | Artículo

Hola: Compartimos un interesante artículo sobre “21 Herramientas Para Crear Líneas De Tiempo” Un gran saludo. Imagen: Google Images | Artículo visto en: Acce…

Not only do you get lapbook making instructions at this site, but lots of lapbook downloads. Super Site!

Lapbook Activity Packs

Lapbook Activity Packs Printable Parent Resources I abcteach provides over 49,000 worksheets page 1



El tema de la Prehistoria lo hemos trabajado a través de la realización de un “lapbook”. Ha sido una experiencia muy positiva, ya que los alumnos han trabajado muy motivados y los resul…

De mayor quiero ser formadora: Uso didáctico de las líneas del tiempo

Uso didáctico de las líneas del tiempo

Fuente Descripción Una línea del tiempo nos permite poner en orden cronológico distintos sucesos, permitiendo ver como se sucedieron en el tiempo. Crear una línea del tiempo es muy fácil por eso se puede empezar a introducir en los últimos cursos de educación Infantil y las herramientas para realizarlo son muy básicas, desde un simple mural como el que se muestra en la imagen que preside el post hasta herramientas web que nos facilitan su creación y a la vez permiten enriquecer la línea del…

la-prehistoria by crabielsa via Slideshare

La Prehistoria

Trabajo sobre la Prehistoria realizado por alumnos de 6º de la escuela de Bielsa