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An Italian-American immigrant is held down and forced to watch in horror as pineapple is added to a pizza for the first time in Brooklyn, New York.

How social media see my girl Vs How i see her

Me when a helicopter passes AGE 10 AGE 40 My 70 year old Grandpa:

Ellen DeGeneres Debuts New Look on Talk Show Next Year…

Gf: we can watch LOTR but I don't want to hear anymore nerd facts. (Aragorn kicks helmet) Me:

She's just being nice

Something magical is about to happen…

If you ever feel like shit, just remember Courteney Cox's hair in Scream 3 Courteney Cox WOW, what the fuck

When you play your favorite childhood game after many years, but it doesn't feel the same way it used to

Me reading the messages via the notifications bar & pretending to not be online

When she says 'go deeper' but you've run out of poems

When you have a multi-doghousehold and a car comes up the driveway…

Babe… show me what you can do with your hands

Kim Jong-un deliberately faked his death to expose traitors in his circle: R… everyone who celebrated: We're all gonna die!

Man with Alzheimer's forgets he had Alzheimer's, remembers everything

The principal asking if I know why I'm here The principal who forgot why I'm here Me who made fun of the principal's Alzheimer's