gelb- das neue weiß??? Ich weiß nicht.... vielleicht.... im Gästezimmer könnt ichs probieren....

This wonderful yellow painted cabinet in a kids room is both a piece of furniture and a work of art. An idea to copy?

Con telas e imaginación se pueden rediseñar muebles, paredes y decorar distintos objetos para la casa....

Decora muebles y accesorios con telas

fabric adhered with mod pog and sprayed over with clear coat-- I don't think I'd use this on a dresser, BUT what a great idea to incorporate into one of the doll house designs! Use fabric and modpodge for the "wallpaper" in the DIY doll house!

Guía para organizar estantes.

Real Life Bookshelves via Cupcakes and Cashmere I think this is so cute, however, this will never work for the bibliophiles out there who can't spare room on the book shelf for treasures other than their beloved books!


DIY Cardboard furniture That doesn't look like it's made from cardboard! We've had some great posts on cardboard furniture you can buy that doesn't LOOK like cardboard, but most DIY options resemble the brown recyclable stuff.


Awesome Home Office Library Design Ideas Collection White Color listed in: white House Web Design, richard White Home Designs and white Hous.