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🪡📏Sew Like a Pro! Precision Edge Stitcher-Rolled Hemmer Foot Unleashes Your Creativity!
The unique curling shape opens the door to versatile hemming power, making hemming projects a breeze for a wide range of fabric possibilities. 🪙 Mastering it is quick and hassle-free—simply select the ideal size, attach securely, fold the fabric edge, and start sewing. Whether you're a sewing enthusiast or a professional, this essential tool is here to make your projects shine. Get yours now and add a touch of precision to your creations! 🧵✨
the instructions for how to tie a necktie on top of a plaid shirt with ties
Video tip: How to combine fabric colors and patterns when upcycling
how to sharpen a steam ripper with the help of an expert's guide
How to Sharpen Seam Rippers
Детали в шитье уголка
a piece of paper with some type of text on it that says, please tension check the tension on your sew - ing machine
the sewing machine feet are packed in a box
13 Life-Changing Craft Room Organization Ideas
the sewing machine is working on the floral print fabric that's being sewn
How to sew with a Rolled Hem Foot
It's been a while since we've had a 'Sewing 201' post! I've been sewing with my rolled hem foot quite a bit lately, so I snapped a few photos. In this blog post I'm going to share some tips and tricks to get this foot working for you. The rolled hem foot sews just that, a narrow rolled hem that's pretty on scarves, blouses, dresses, or even curtains.
four pieces of sewing machine sitting on top of a wooden table with the words common sewing machine feet and when to use them
Common Sewing Machine Feet and When to Use Them
If you’re new to sewing, you may have just started with the standard presser foot that comes on the machine and haven’t yet changed it out. Most machines comes with several different presser feet that can make some aspects of sewing much easier.
someone is using a pair of scissors to cut the paper
How to Sharpen Your Rotary Blade
how to make zipper tabs with fabric and buttons on the bottom, in several different ways
Zipper Tabs & Anatomy 101 | How To
Zipper tabs are functional, plus can add a creative and decorative detail. Perfect for neatening the end of the zipper on a zipper bag or pouch. If your bag zippers dip in at the end, then you NEED this tutorial. Learn how to reduce a zipper and the anatomy of a nylon zipper on The Sewing Loft
how to gather the easy way with this free pattern and step - by - step instructions
Genius Sewing Tips & Tricks That will Make Your Life Easier - For Creative Juice
Genius Sewing Tips & Tricks: How to Gather in an Easy Way.
the steps to make an easy diy project with yellow and white polka dot paper
Genius Sewing Tips & Tricks That will Make Your Life Easier - For Creative Juice
Genius Sewing Tips & Tricks: How to Create Shirring with Elastic Thread.
seven ways to make ruffle headbands
ruffle 101: 7 ways to make a ruffle
7 Ways to Make a Ruffle. Tutorial on See Kate Sew at
someone is sewing something on a machine with their fingers and thumbnails in front of them
Sewing Tips and Tricks Round Up
may need this tip someday....tape on the bottom of your presser foot to make sewing vinyl a breeze!
the sewing machine has been stitched together to make it easier for someone to sew
Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding
The trick to making sure your second row of stitching catches the back bias edge is all about the first stitching line and not the bias inself..
three different types of tape are on display
How to Cut & Make a Continuous Strip of Bias Tape/Binding
How to make one CONTINUOUS strip of bias tape (from one square of fabric). Customize your projects with handmade bias tape.
a person with their foot on the edge of a bed next to a sheet and pillow
how to : sew a baby hem
how to sew a perfect teeny narrow hem- Wish I had known this secret ages ago!!
how to sew bias tape and also tie the overlays on top
How to Attach Bias Tape
Attaching Bias Tape can make any sewing project stand out. Bias Tape is perfect for craft projects, too. Learn How to Sew Bias Tape the correct way. It's so easy. DIY | sewing #seasonedhome
white fabric with the words how to sew tulle on it
How to Sew Tulle: Tips, Tricks, And Important Details - Melly Sews
sew: Tips and Tricks for Sewing Tulle || Melly Sews
the 25 sewing hacks you've got to know by diy ready com
35 Sewing Hacks, Tips, And Tricks For Your DIY Projects
25 Sewing Hacks You Won't Want to Forget DIY Projects & Creative Crafts –…
instructions for how to clean your sewing machine
Start A Fire
How To Clean Your Sewing Machine |
sewing machine presser foot guide on an orange background with the words sewing machine presser foot guide
Learn to Sew: Free Online Sewing Classes
SWALLOW patterns: Sewing Machine Presser Foot Guide- for beginners. ...
the sewing machine is stitching through the fabric on the piece of cloth that has been sewn
Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part Two - Threads
mastering the narrow hem foot, including common errors
an open zipper on a green jacket that is partially closed and showing the blue stitching
The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew in a Zipper
a close up of a sewing machine with some thread on the bottom and one end
Tute for couching techniques for fabric embellishment.
a woman is using a sewing machine to sew something on a piece of cloth
Sew a perfect circle easily!
an old quilt is laying on top of a table
Inspiration + Resources
Woven quilt. Way easier than little squares! (and it wont come apart over time). Genius!
the sewing machine is stitching fabric on the side of a piece of cloth that has been sewn
Happy Feet – Quilt Binding Edition
Binding with a flat fell foot
someone is cutting out a pattern on a piece of paper to make a dress or jacket
the katy dress tutorial
Another Pinner wrote: |"I can never get armholes right when making my own pattern, and THIS is why!" From: www.craftinessisn...
a person holding a thermometer in their right hand and saying clever tips and tricks using a sewing gauge
Clever tips and tricks using a sewing gauge
an abstract painting with red and blue feathers on green leafy material, which looks like leaves
This week in my studio 13
Sharing the journey of my creative mind ;-) I wanted to share with you the very beginning of the pathway of creativity opened up from my journal and form other resources to small artworks.I hope yo…
the sewing machine is on top of the white linens that are stitched together
A little lace insertion tute!
Place a piece of Stitch 'n Ditch paper (or tissue paper) behind the lace. I first stitched another narrow zig zag stitch down either side of the lace band. I then set my machine to a pin stitch and using a wing needle, I stitched down either side of the lace insertion band creating a beautiful entredeaux stitch.
a close up view of a colorful quilt
detail--Laughing Woman
detail--Laughing Woman | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
someone is using a sewing machine to sew something on the table and it looks like they are making cookies
80 Clever Sewing Hacks and Professional Tips - Really Good Ideas
How To Easily Sew Circles
how to sew the perfect tiny hem stitcher for beginners and quilters
Rolled Hem Basics & How To
How to sew a beautiful rolled hem on your machine with this specialty foot. Using the special rolled hem foot takes care of everything in a single pass - quick, easy and oh-so pretty. A basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. Also works great on things like a circle skirt where you need a really narrow hem. It's all covered in this tutorial and tips at The Sewing Loft. Read more here...
a close up view of an intricately designed quilt
colour palette – RIM productions
Beautiful Geometry