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Rina Menardi

Rina Menardi’s collections are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship, where chromatism, aesthetics and functionality converge in a synthesis of intuitions coming from everyday life and events, creating atmospheres that inspire serenity and pleasure.

$200.00 - wall hangings, made individually and by hand. each piece one of a kind, handmade in brooklyn

Cold Picnic wall hangings, made individually by hand in brooklyn. mixed yarns, burlap, mounted on wooden frame.

The Gambol Ring aids in standing up in the bath or can be used as a towel rack.

Practical Bathroom Furnishings with a Twist

Practical Bathroom Furnishings with a Twist in main home furnishings Category

Cold Picnic

Hand tufted rug using New Zealand wool yarn. pile on woven cotton backing. Dimensions: W x L ABOUT THE DESIGNER Cold Picnic: for when your livi

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