Decoración infantil

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Play kitchen made from a nightstand
Camas-Casita infantiles que enamoran ❤
DIY kids grocery store/market place.

Manualidades para niños con pintura de pizarra

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a child's desk and chair in a white room with blue drawers, artwork on the wall
Pintura de Pizarra - GRG Cuarto Color S.L.
El orden en casa puede ser una tarea algo aburrida o puede ser creativo. Solo tienes que usar en tus muebles y objetos #pinturadepizarra eco del color que más te guste #creatividad #niños #pintura #ideas
black and white chalkboard houses are lined up in front of each other with the words diy chalkboard city written on them
DIY Chalkboard City Blocks
Interiors, Interior, Home Improvement, Storage Ideas, Entryway, Home, Home Organisation, Apartment, Home Organization
Asignale una caja de plástico a cada juego de cartas.
a child's playroom with toys and bookshelves on the wall,
A B C Incluye en tu casa un espacio para aprender y crecer, hazlo divertido, hazlo único y personal —-> elige nuestra #pinturadepizarra ❤️ #deco #kids
two children sitting at a table in front of a chalkboard with days and months written on it
Ahora que el verano se acaba y llega la época escolar una idea para los pequeños de la casa es incluir una gran #pizarra en su habitación. #pinturadepizarra #deco
an old fashioned kitchen with a sink and stove in the middle, next to a window
New Bowl
Play kitchen made from a nightstand
two children are playing in a doll house
Camas-Casita infantiles que enamoran ❤ - DecoPeques
Camas-Casita infantiles que enamoran ❤
a child's play area with toys and a chalkboard
Alfresco Entertaining | Centsational Style
DIY kids grocery store/market place.
a young boy sitting on top of a bunk bed next to a child's toy
Get your design fix…
a loft just for reading and playing. love.
a doll house made out of cardboard sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Cardboard Dollhouse DIY with rooftop garden. Look at all the photos, backward and forward to see how clever she was with her use of everyday items to furnish and decorate. SO clever!
a piggy bank sitting on top of a pile of coins
Bottle Bank
Bottle Bank-- This little piggy (bank) started off at the market as a bottle.
a room with white walls and yellow furniture
Swedish home with fun vintage finds: Part I
""Pretty darn good idea. I'm sure you could do this with a fridge box if you needed a rainy day or kids play room activity. How about washable pant you can color on or chalk board paint? Too many fun possibilities here!""
two wooden shelves with books on them against a blue wall
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$3.99 spice racks from Ikea (the Bekvam) as book storage! Brilliant!