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the stairs are made out of concrete and roped off with wood strips hanging from them
Premio Europeo de Intervención en el Patrimonio Arquitectónico
a staircase with blue mesh covering the top and bottom steps, leading up to an open skylight
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an empty room with stairs and tiled floor
a yellow stair case next to a white wall
a man walking up some stairs in front of a cement wall and wooden handrail
Go Green Carpet/Brick Bond Studio
the stairs are made out of metal and wood, along with stone walls that have been designed to look like brick
the stairs lead up to the kitchen and dining area in this modern home, which also has an open floor plan
a man climbing up the stairs in his home
the stairs are made from yellow perfored metal mesh and have been placed on concrete blocks
Sapore e colore si incontrano al centro della Garbatella, in un locale speziato tra ieri e oggi
a set of stairs with black railings and wooden handrails in front of a white wall
a red stair case in the middle of a room
michaelis boyd intervenes georgian apartment in london with floating red staircase