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two people sitting on benches in the middle of a park at night with lit up trees and bushes
two people are walking on the path next to an artificial water feature in a park
an upside down wooden dock next to a body of water
many people are sitting on the roof of some buildings and one person is laying down
an aerial view of a person walking on a walkway with grass growing on the roof
太平洋中心校园 Pacific Center Campus / LandLAB
an aerial view of a play area in the middle of a park with children's playgrounds
an aerial view of a garden and walkway
Royce E. Pollard Japanese Friendship Garden | Diseño de paisaje, Jardines modernos, Iluminación del paisaje
people are walking around in an open area with grass on the floor and wooden benches
an empty park with benches and trees in the middle
Zelkova Public Realm — Landworks Studio, Inc.