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an advertisement for the french film formicaes, featuring a red vw bus and eiffel tower
4º a 6º: 9 a 12 anos
an advertisement for the spanish language children's book el espaccio del dell
a girl holding a large knife in her hand with the words la coinera del rey
a children's book with an image of a rabbit wearing a crown and holding a heart
Infantil e 1º 3 a 6 anos.
an elephant that is painted green and has a speech bubble on it's side
a book with an elephant and other animals on the cover, which reads as marcas dos
an illustration of a bird with a fish in it's beak and the caption is queen faliaa?
there are many people riding motorcycles together on the street with words above them that read,'once datas aveyidas '
an illustrated children's book with the title amelie entre un perre
Infantil e 1º: 3 a 6 anos
a book cover with an image of a witch riding on top of a black cat
an image of a cartoon character surrounded by other characters in a room with green tile walls
the cover of el gran libro de los juegos, with playing cards and pencils Minions, Robots, Mario, Lucas, Frases, Robot, Ana
a book cover with an illustration of a boy carrying a basket full of things in it
a book cover with an image of two people and cats