Santa Lucia

Francisco de Zurbarán (artist) Spanish, 1598 - 1664 Saint Lucy, c. oil on canvas overall: 105 x 77 cm x 30 in.) framed: x 106 x cm x 41 x 3 in.) Chester Dale Collection On View

Alegoría de la Caridad

Francisco de Zurbarán - Allegory of Charity, Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain

Santa Eufemia

Francisco de Zurbarán Saint Euphemia, 1637 Palazzo Bianco (Musei di Strada Nuova), Genova “ Euphemia bears a large saw as a symbol of her martyrdom.

Santa Eufemia

AB Saint Eufemia uhr - Madrid Prado by Peter Francisco de Zurbarán (baptized November 1598 – August was a Spanish painter.

Santa Justa

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Santa Lucía

Saint Lucy by Francisco de Zubaran. Look at the delicacy of the fringe on her mantle.

Santa Ursula

Francisco de Zurbarán “Santa Úrsula” Could this be a portrait of Mariana?

Santa Catalina de Alejandría

Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Francisco de Zubaran. smarter than the emperor and all of his wise men. When, Maximus couldn't talk her out of Christianity he tortured her on the wheel. When the wheel broke he chopped off her head.