Cristina Martín Gayo

Cristina Martín Gayo

Madrid, Spain
Cristina Martín Gayo
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'Debbie and Toad'

Candy Clark turned 66 yesterday To us, she is forever young. We know her best from one of our favorite movies as Debbie in "American Graffiti," released Aug.


In the front, the tower of the academische building, ancient part of Groningen's university located in the city centre

1958 Chevy Impala Mild custom

1959 Cadillac's already look custom. But when Rhode Island's Xtreme Restoration's makes a 1959 Custom Cadillac, it's something to remember.

Tom Waits

mulevariations: “ “Songs are really simple. You hold them in your hand. I can make one right now and finish it. But because they’re so simple, it’s like bird-watching, you know. You gotta know something about birds or you won’t see anything: just you.