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ArtStation - Metal Gear Online Highpoly, Csaba Molnar

I recently found some old highpoly rough screenshots. Used softwares Marvelous, Zbrush, Xsi

the-emperor-protects: Group of amazing pictures of the dark Heresy roleplayers on from top to bottom: ELi (JP) Englebart (Totalbiscuit) Jaxx(Jeff/EginControl) Phrix(DJWheat) Images by: nikolayasparuhov

Illustration of the arbitrator Jaxx Rommulous - one of the characters from "Rollplay Dark Heresy" - role-playing game show based on the Warhammer un.

40k - Imperial Guardswoman

As many others out there, I'm a huge Warhammer fan, so when a good friend of mine asked me to make her a more special portr.