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the different types of plants and flowers are shown in this diagram, with each type of plant
Cris Tamay - Veggie Patch
These are the different veggie tiles of the game.
the game tiles are all different shapes and sizes, but one is green with red flowers on them
Cris Tamay - Veggie Patch
This is a tile game about being the best farmer by making your own veggie orchard.
an illustrated map of china with people and places on it, including the capital city
Cris Tamay - Maps
Map of China where you can see the Silk Road, the ancient network of trade routes that connected China with Europe starting in the city of Xi'an. Along with the Yangtze river meandering across the country.
an illustration of a pink building with yellow signs above it that read south china sea
Cris Tamay - China
an illustration of a desert with buildings and signs on the walls that read desert, behind which there is a dragon
Cris Tamay - China
an illustrated map of the country of japan with its capital and major cities in it
Cris Tamay - Maps
Map of the spots where momiji season can be enjoyed.
a map of the country of japan with its capital and major cities in pink flowers
Cris Tamay - Maps
Map of the spots where cherry blossom season can be enjoyed.
three cards with cartoon characters on them and question marks in the bottom right hand corner
Who is it? cards
an illustrated map of costa brava in pink and blue, with the words costa brava on it
Cris Tamay - Maps
Map of the best beaches of the Costa Brava.
an image of people avatars in different styles and colors on a white boarder
Cris Tamay - Who is it?
an illustrated map of barcelona, spain with the names and cities on it's side
Cris Tamay - Barcelona Modernista
In this map you can find 11 modernist buildings of Barcelona. Some might sound familiar to you but I am sure you will discover other ones.
an image of a sign that is on the side of a building with numbers around it
Cris Tamay - Barcelona Modernista
a purple background with yellow letters and a cartoon character
Cris Tamay - Who is it?
four different colored christmas ribbon designs on green and red background with snowmen, holly wreaths, santa hats, and candy canes
Cris Tamay - Christmas Town
Beautiful Christmas collection of fabric designs for PBS. Twelve designs of pure joy and fun!
three red and yellow gift bags sitting next to each other on top of a green surface
Cris Tamay - Christmas tea
Packaging design of a Christmas collection of teas.