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Cris T.
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// Its been way too long since my last tattoo post! As usual, as soon as the sun starts shining I get the ink itch, haha. Might be better to do it before it’s gets too sunny, ya dig? I cur…

"Photography is a way of life for me. It's my purpose. Join /artifactuprsng/ as we spend 5 minutes with Finn Beales.

Eu vendo o circo pega fogo

Ronald Weasley, the boy who stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas because his best friend didn't have a home to go to ( Yes i know that he stayed because Molly & Arthur went to Visit Charlie. However Ron was always there for Harry(Almost Always))

The break of morning brings in surfers

Always live free in spirit ride waves, The surfers lifestyle living at sea chasing water miracles, Share with me the Love of the Ocean Beach Surf, Catch a Wave, Sharing some surfer lifestyle Inspiration For the Free Spirits Living in the Sea Surfer lif