You will not be rich until you have something that money cannot buy. No seras ricos hasta que no tengas algo que el dinero no pueda comprar ;

Disfrutando de la vida

Without the weight of the future and the burden of past hurts, life gets lighter

Feliz noche.

Si la vida te tumba, volteate y mira las estrellas //// If life makes you fall, turn around and look at the stars.

Sierto..✭Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ✭

Trans: "Of all the things Life has given me, I would like to return 10 kilos [that about 15 lbs].

df269366-d25c-4a32-b450-87d56b282c58-medium.png (410×410)

df269366-d25c-4a32-b450-87d56b282c58-medium.png (410×410)