Trabajos realizados en nuestros talleres
21 Pins
an open book with flowers painted on the front and back cover is hanging on a wall
Album de Fotos Decorado
album de fotos decorado en talleres Creando
a wooden sign with a vw bus painted on it's front and side
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Cuadro Furgoneta Hippie
two clocks with different designs and numbers on them
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Reloj Loco
a woman sitting on top of a rock with words all over her body and legs
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Portafotos Madera
a multicolored bag with an image of a bicycle and butterflies on the front
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Funda Portatil pintada
a wooden box with an image of a woman's face and flowers on it
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Caja Transferencia Vintage
a wooden clock with roman numerals on the face is displayed against a wall
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Reloj Resina Decapado
a wooden deer with a bow on its head is standing against a white painted wall
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Reno Navidad
two different colored shirts with designs on them
Taller Presentacion Pintura Textil Cadence
Demostracion Pintura Spray Tela Cadence
two rocks with pictures on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Taller Presentacion Pintura Textil Cadence
Taller Presentacion Pintura Textil Cadence
a blue tray with butterflies painted on it
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Trabajo realizado en nuestro talleres
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a sign that says love is in the air
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Trabajos realizados en nuestos talleres
two pictures with cupcakes and hearts on them
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Próximos trabajos en nuestros talleres
a painting of white flowers on a yellow background
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Cuadro Cala con Silueta DM.
the table is covered with various items for making handmade purses and other crafts
Taller presencial Productos Cadence