Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos Rodríguez
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Transport on the upper levels of our cyberpunk city

Tokyo in the future Futuristic train; Unlike other train this train travels at lightning speeds and it is way longer so that many people can ride at one time.

Fantastic Landscape Illustrations by Sebastian Wagner | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

A quieter district for the more wealthy, somewhere on the planet Corulag where Xaneel is from. (upper city by *SebastianWagner on deviantART)

”Blade Runner" concept art by Syd Mead. Syd Mead created a artwork what show a life in a night city. I think that this should be different and experimental to try.

Blade Runner portraits future LA as a mega city in which has a amazing vertical function variety.