Magnifique petite maison de ville.

MY DREAM TINY HOUSE :narrow house with backyard and pool. good idea to expand the space and have a great mix of traditional and modern! which is exactly my style!

Departamento SDM  / Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop.

Galería de Departamento SDM / Arqmov Workshop - 6

Mumbai house Waves of wood form staircase at SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Yay OR nay: This built-in #HomeOffice space popping with colourful accents #OfficeDecor

Style at Home on

Home Office Details Ideas for Interior Design Decoration Organization Architecture Desk Beautiful Home Offices Bright Bold and Beautiful Home office decor ideas.

Villa Kogelhof / Paul de Ruiter Architects

Gallery of Villa Kogelhof / Paul de Ruiter Architects - 11

Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects, photo: Jeroen Musch Paul de Ruiter Architects' Villa Kogelhof has been awarded the Architecture prize,

Paul Crofts Studio sinks seating areas into floor of London office.

Paul Crofts Studio sinks seating areas into floor of London office. could be used to integrate lab with office space- higher up you have the normal office and lower down the lab area with deep freezer.or would that make the office stinky?

Apartment in Katayama | Katayama-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka, Japan | Matsunami Mitsutomo

Apartment in Katayama / Matsunami Mitsutomo

Apartment in Katayama , Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect Associates, Osaka, Japan, Completed 2007


*Pretty large wood door to enter home/ front sidewalk or driveway. No steps up to house decreasing ceiling height. No gate door opening straight on into front door/privacy. Exterior Designs, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Modern single-storey residence designed by Curt Cline located in Californian city of Los Altos.

MODECO residence is a modern single family property designed by Modern House Architects, located in Los Altos, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Espacios confortantes

a light facade structure and soft materials

De Kameleon Housing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by NL Architects

NL Architects Completes De Kameleon

De Kameleon housing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by NL Architects - Photo: Marcel van der Burg - Most Beautiful Pages

Takuro Yamamoto Architects

takuro yamamoto architects / cave house, kanazawa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PV Must do in front entry! Fabricate a concrete or wood bench that extends to both interior and exterior- Bam!

Marcio Kogan, Entrance, House 6 Photography By Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Visions of an Industrial Age: Marcio Kogan, Entrance, House 6 Photography By Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Incineration Line in Roskilde Denmark by Erick van Egeraat

Built by Erick van Egeraat in Roskilde, Denmark with date Images by Tim Van de Velde. With the new waste-to-energy Incineration Line, the city of Roskilde in Denmark will have a second towering landmark,.

Emergency Stairs - Amsterdam: by Ivo Mathieu Gaston

black-tangled-heart: “ Emergency Stairs - Amsterdam by Ivo Mathieu Gaston ”

La Torres de Colón de Madrid fueron las primeras torres -y quizás las únicas- del mundo en ser construidas de arriba a abajo, o sea que empezaron la casa por el tejado, lo que prueba que los refranes también admiten excepciones. Foto de 1972

The Torres de Colon in Madrid were the first towers -and perhaps the only ones-the world to be built from top to bottom, so it started the cart before the horse, which proves that the sayings also support exceptions.