Teja decorada nº 16

Smaller homes were offered to those who were down the rankings even the ones who once slept on the streets.

Teja decorada con pasta y pastas de textura, acrílicos, papeles decoupage, tejitas y accesorios.

This video is about the transformation of my dining table by using decoupage. This decoupage diy video has step by step directions and tips that I've figured

french fairy house sandylandya@outlook.es

Fairy Castle (Hmmm could start with empty can of Pringles and cover with fabric then paint to resemble stucco walls.) Idea for polymer clay.

Ceramic Bisque Ready to be painted and decorated by you Picture is of cleaned bisque with the windows cut out. Item stands over 13 tall  The last

Elf or Fairy House and home unpainted ceramic bisque ready to paint DIY