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gaspar cardenas
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This. Travel. Experience. Do much with little. Less is more. Live, really live. Enjoy the little things. Breathe. Hike. Camp out. Do it all with the ones you love.

Tents in an open field. Hiking in the forest. Socal hiking, Appalachian trail, Pacific Crest trail, camping the woods.

Tlaloc/Chalchitlicue Aztec god of Rain  Estatua de Tláloc a las afueras del Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia en la Ciudad de México.

This photo displays a monolith that represents the God Tlaloc, Tlaloc was the God of the heavy showers, rays and thunders. This monolith was discovered in the Texcoco, State of Mexico and was transferred to the city of Mexico the 17 of April of 1964

Mapa de la antigua Tenochtitlan en lo que hoy es Ciudad de México c. 1524

Map of Ancient Tenochtitlan, Mexico City was built atop this Aztec lake-town. "Nothing stays buried forever in Mexico." -- The Patron Saint of Plagues