1 boite à chaussure + de la ficelle + du papier cartonné = une marionnette sur sa balançoire / Swing from an empty shoe box

Swing from an empty shoe box. Paint the shoebox, add the rope and "child", scoot it up so no strain on the swing when adding other things in box. After kids empty box, they find one last treasure.

<3 robe

would make an interesting tattoo for someone. This looks so close to my Barbie tattoo idea!

paper dolls I have always loved paper dolls, and do today.

Sheila Young, Illustrator Lettie Lane Paper Family paperdolls that were available in Ladies Home Journal during the timeframe.

Des tableaux dans des cagettes en bois

Des tableaux dans des cagettes en bois

such a cute idea for the kids to make their own doll houses. Boards in wooden trays, upcycling, kids room

Tablrau chaussure pg (637×550)

These are some of the prettiest shadow boxes I have ever seen. I have loved this form of art since I was small, felt it had enormous potential for real magic, but have so rarely seen something truly special.

The new edition of Fanciful Fashions Coloring Book includes 15 new clothing collections along with the 34 of the originals.

Prom Dress . . . 1-7-14

Whimsical Zentangle art drawings printed as note cards and prints for purchase in the Web Store. Custom dogs and cats.