"Quaint and Quirky" photostream  The Cubes are from Michaels craft store. They are intended to be scrapbooking organizers, but we found that if you stack them together, they are the perfect size for a table. The top is a door which ended up being the perfect size.

I love the bulletin board squares on the wall! table made up of Michael's scrapbooking cubes, door on top. ** like the desk for play room/craft room (den) and the bulletin boards for girls room

craft rooms

I love this craft desk. Plenty of work space and organizable storage space. You don't need to use for crafts only, you can use it as an office desk and get your things more organized.

craft room

Next craft room. love the idea of the L-shaped desk. definitely going to have to have a much bigger room next time!

Wall hanging storage with 3 IKEA baskets

Wall hanging storage with 3 IKEA baskets, maybe i could DIY this since I haven't seen them at the Ikea store close to my house.


love the organization and the single colors scheme: makes it all look finished even though the various boxes and baskets do NOT actually match. FOR MY FUTURE CRAFTING ROOM!

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty – 34 Pics

Awesome, must try.all I need are cereal boxes which we have, as well as Paper towel and toilet paper rolls and colorful Duck tape.Recycled craft: DIY desk organizer - I'm always looking for just the right amount of spots!

Crafty Storage Thirty One

The Summer catalog is here! Boy, does it feel like summer already in North Carolina with highs reaching 90 all week! The Summer catalog is .

My Field of Dreams: A Photo-tour of The PaperMint Crafting Studio

My Field of Dreams: A Photo-tour of The PaperMint Crafting Studio. I like the ribbon storage on the island.

An alternative to a room - yet still a dedicated scrap book space

Scrapbook Furniture for Organizing and Storing your Supplies

Our Power Punch Studio Station is certainly power packed when it comes to storage options.

Rope Bin Collection - White | Serena  Lily

Serena & Lily -Rope Bin Collection - White Woven by hand of squared-off rattan with a thick jute rope wrapped around the top, these rugged bins are easy to tote from playroom to bedroom to laundry room.

25 Amazing DIY Furniture Makeovers With Wallpaper

25 Amazing DIY Furniture Makeovers With Wallpaper. Great Wall storage for preschool - an organised mess :)


Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Closet and a Printable Worksheet to Help.

Oh I love this little girls' closet. This is a great Tutorial with tips and tricks for organizing a closet. Free printable worksheet to help with the process. Spradlin for Emery's room!