Gorjuss Art

Gorjuss Art - 'You brought me Love' detail. girl with polka dot bows in her hair.


From the Heart PostCards - My Gorjuss (Suzanne Woolcott) Tags Page 12 - July 2009 - January 2010

Gorjuss sisters. Tu souffres en ton coeur, tu as peine à respirer, le coeur blessé par ta petite soeur 3 de 9. Rien à comprendre, simplement accepter.

- The Gorjuss girls My new costumer's order - Fimo / doll inspired by dolls For Handmade lovers el Ⓓ

Books are your window to the world! (Gorjuss)  http://www.fromtheheartpostcards.com/MyPSPTags/sw-books-windowtotheworld.jpg

The smallest of bears can make an impact, together with a good book open up your imagination.