Cave eggs.

Oolites or cave pearls are sedimentary rocks formed from ooids, spherical grains composed of concentric layers. The name derives from the Ancient Greek word ᾠόν for egg. Cave Eggs 2 by Alexander Ross.


Japanese Lantern plant, changing color in Autumn. The lantern shell becomes lacy and the seed inside will be visible.

Microscopic Lifeforms of Light by Reciprocity

These images are analog formed directly on to negative film by the refraction pattern of light passing through a formed plastic shape. "Microscopic Lifeforms of Light" by Reciprocity

These patterns/colors could be interesting hand painted on rocks

Polymitas snails of Cuba. This unique tree snail is only found on the easternmost province of Oriente on the island of Cuba. So rare it is now considered endangered.

Rivers of Rust by xrodgers on flickr

Scott Ex Rodgers Rivers of Rust If you don't want to know what this is, read no further. This is a shot of a rusted exhaust pipe shot from below. Found at an abandonded warehouse on Boston harbour.