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the cartoon shows a man in hospital bed with an oxygen tube and another person standing next to him
Humor de redes #chiste #risas
a cartoon depicting a man typing on an old typewriter and talking to another person
an older man and woman sitting at a table talking to each other with a speech bubble above them
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chiste grafico solo 3 likes
a woman is sitting at a table with two children in front of her and the caption reads, i said you had to share that with your brother
Cómo conectar con la audiencia en la era de Internet y las redes sociales
humor, quizá lo normal sea preguntar que a través de qué red social, aunque se trate de un pedazo de pastel
a man is trying to fix a clock on his phone
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El móvil.
a cartoon depicting a little boy giving his father a book
Los libros en el futuro.
two cartoon cell phones with one saying, dude i don't understand, my human is already broken
En un universo paralelo
En un universo paralelo.
an image of two phones that are on the floor and one is saying vovo
El telefono
two men in lab coats are talking to each other and one is pointing at the blackboard
Cómo añadir información médica en un móvil Android
La consulta del médico en la era de las redes sociales [Cómic] Publicado por Redacción
halloween cartoon with kids dressed up as princesses and trick or tweet?
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the comics are very funny about people on the beach and how they use them to describe what
Un día de playa 2013
La playa y las Redes Sociales.
two comics with people walking on the same line and one is saying that they are going to
Facebook quiere ser tu 'hombre del tiempo' con la meteorología
La evolución del hombre, antes y después del móvil.
a man holding a cell phone in his hand and pointing at it with the caption how did you find our village?
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