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an info sheet showing the different types of surfboards
El significado de los emoticones #infografia #infographic #internet - TICs y Formación
El significado de los emoticones #infografia
an advertisement for the new gage app on your iphone, featuring several different types of computers
Con la llegada de las nuevas tecnologías, seguro que ya nos hemos olvidado de ellos... #disquete #cassette #VHS
an info sheet describing how to use the internet
La evolución del almacenamiento informático #infografia #infographic - TICs y Formación
La evolución del almacenamiento informático #infografia #infographic
an info sheet describing the different types of boats in the ocean and how they are used
Algunos cambios en tecnología desde el año 2000 #infografia #infographic - TICs y Formación
Algunos cambios en tecnología desde el año 2000
several different types of logos are shown
¡Cuánta razón! / Reportar una entrada
MARCAS - Así quedarían hubieran sido en español
an apple with the words apples written in spanish
Apple te vende manzanas incompletas ;)
the before and after photoshopped image shows people standing in front of an ancient building
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Your photos will never be the same
the back side of an apple macbook air with its reflection on it's surface
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
MacBook Vinyl Decals; I sometimes wish I had a Mac, just for these.
a computer keyboard that has many different types of icons on the keys and numbers in it
Optimus Maximus Keyboard by Art. Lebedev Studio
a drawing of a car with its doors open
Recreación aproximada de un Delorean estilo Regreso al Futuro
two cartoon images one with a tv and the other with a cat sleeping on top of it
a comic strip with a cat sleeping in a red bowl
Las mejores apps para amantes de los gatos
Tu gato también necesita un iPad [Cómic]
a comic strip with an image of a man holding a cell phone
Los mejores móviles de 2023
La tiranía del móvil
an info sheet with many different types of cars
40 años desde que las consolas de videojuegos llegaron al hogar [Infografía] | unocero
40 años de videojuegos buenisima infografia #videogames #Games #nintendo #atari #sega
an image of a cell phone being flipped over
Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse
What are Multi-Touch peripherals Multi-Touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in computer peripherals. These elegant well made devices are composed of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and the finest components. They are designed using simple existing technology and have no moving parts. They have rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely wireless.