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✔my beautiful daughter. she makes me smile, laugh, cry, and sigh every day. she's almost a year old, and i feel like i have grown up all in that last 11 months.

Oso osito blanco y chiquitito

if i lived in Iceleand I would have to have another baby just so Elena could take it's photo!

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Cute baby shoot with stuffed animals. Cuter sea to remember all the favorite stuffed animals too!

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cute baby's first christmas pic - Lexi will be so small, I wonder if she would fit into one of those giant stockings like my mom gets from YCME every year? (Best Christmas Presents)

Ideas para sesiones de fotos familiares

Ideas para sesiones de fotos familiares

If you’re planning on taking plenty of photos, make certain that you have spare memory cards on hand. While plenty of men and women decide to possess the photos clicked themselves, it’s…

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26 Fotos que debes tomar a tu bebé recién nacido

I would love to do this and frame all the grandchildren's baby feet kissed by me and label it "Kisses from Mimi"