Oldest Manuscripts

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an old book with writing on it
Historical Sources
Reykjaholtsmáldagi from the 13th century. This manuscript is believed to be one of the oldest primary text preserved in the old Nordic language. Reykjaholtsmáldagi is kept in the National Archives.
an old book with writing on it and ornate designs in gold, blue, and red
The Sarajevo Haggadah, the Oldest Sephardic Haggadah
Considered the most beautiful Jewish illuminated manuscript in existence, and the oldest Sephardic Haggadah, the Sarajevo Haggadah, was produced in Barcelona, Spain.
an old manuscript with writing on it and some red ink in the upper left corner
Codex runicus, a vellum manuscript from c. 1300 containing one of the oldest and best preserved texts of the Scanian law (Skånske lov), written entirely in runes.
an old chinese scroll with writing on it and a wooden stick in front of it
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The Diamond Sutra is the oldest surviving manuscript to date.
an old piece of paper that has been torn off and is sitting on a white surface
Papyrus 46 - Wikipedia
Papyrus 46- One of the oldest extant New Testament manuscripts
an old book with writing on it
X. It’s what’s happening
The oldest surviving manuscript written entirely in Irish, c1108
an old book with some writing on the pages and a painting in it's middle
Rose Briar
362-page illuminated manuscript Gospel Book on parchment with very rich decorations. It is one of the oldest surviving documents written in Old Church Slavonic, along with the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja. Miroslav Gospels manuscript represents the most precious and significant document in cultural heritage of Serbia.”
four wooden plaques with writing on them and string attached to each one's sides
The Dravidian language is one of the oldest surviving classical languages dating at least 2000 years use. “Palm leaf manuscripts (Tamil) are manuscripts made out of dried palm leaves.
an old book with pictures of people and animals on it's pages, including horses
The Oldest Surviving Illustrated Biblical Manuscript (Circa 398 CE)
an old chinese manuscript with writing on it
Top 10 treasures inside the Forbidden City
This Letter of Recovery was written by Lu Ji, a famous calligrapher during the Western Jin Dynasty, who wrote to his friend inquiring about his friend's illness. It is one of the oldest manuscripts in China and a model calligraphic work collected at the Palace Museum.
an old piece of paper with writing on it
The great Isaiah Scroll! the oldest manuscript we have of the Bible. Discovered in the Caves of qumran in 1947.