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an old painting with men on horses and dogs
A Calendar Page for November 2013
From the Medieval Manuscripts blog post 'A Calendar Page for November 2013'. Image: Golf Book (Book of Hours, Use of Rome), workshop of Simon Bening, Netherlands (Bruges).
an animated image of a man working on a painting
The Structure of a Medieval Manuscript
The Structure of a Medieval Manuscript. For more than a thousand years all manuscripts were written and illustrated by hand. By the Middle Ages, books were being made by folding sheets of parchment, arranging them into gatherings, and assembling and binding them together. This animation illustrates how medieval books were constructed--a feat of engineering that remains essentially the same today.
an image of the virgin and child with two other people in front of them,
Tablet Weaving as an S.C.A. Kids' Activity
The Hague, KB 135 J 50 Book of Hours Utrecht(?) C. 1430-1450
an assortment of old books with designs on them
Dollhouse Printies - Miniature Old Medieval Books & Pages
Dollar Store Dollhouse: Dollhouse Printies - Miniature Old Medieval Books & Pages
a medieval scene with knights and knights on horseback
Illumination in a Medieval book. Depiction of the Crusades.
an old book with some pictures on it
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts
Medieval Book of Hours
two images show how to make a book purse with felt and fabric trims, one in red and the other in black
medieval book / llibreta medieval
an old book with some writing on the page and pictures in it's middle
Medieval book
an old book with writing on it and some pictures in the middle, as well as two
Modern MS Codex Project: Editorial Group Reflection | The Life, Death, and Afterlife of Geoffrey Chaucer
Medieval Book