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an old library with many bookshelves and tables
Cornell University Library
a spiral staircase in a library with bookshelves
Spiral Staircase, Philosophical Reading-Room | The Szabo Erv…
Szabo Erin Library in Budapest via curious expeditions
an empty bookshelf filled with lots of books under a skylight in a library
15 Creative and Modern Staircase Designs And Ideas | Home Interiors Blog
I finally found the "unique"...stairs as shelves for your treasures...
a painting of an old man reading a book with books on the shelf behind him
the AMAZING ART of André Martins de Barros
an old bookcase full of books in a room with peeling paint on the walls is for sale!
Abandoned Library..this breaks my heart
a room filled with lots of books and a chandelier
An image on imgfave
Oh my gosh, you can drop me off here and forget about me !
an overhead view of books in a library
Circular shelving.
a pile of books in front of a book shelf filled with lots of books on top of each other
Book love.
an old book store filled with lots of books
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