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Ludoteca Amatent

Collection by Club Amatent


Ludoteca de Jocs disponibles a les nostres Sessions, allà on ens vulguin i als CorreJocs.

Club Amatent
  Hiring Employees, Welcome, Board Games, Swimming Pools, The Neighbourhood, Action, Baseball Cards, Swiming Pool, Pools

Welcome Hacia el Perfecto Hogar

Design the most appealing 1950s neighborhood, with fences, parks, and swimming pools.

  Defense Games, You Monster, Table Games, Custom Engraving, Board Games, Creatures, Painting, Hobbies, Toys

Village Attacks

As infamous folklore monsters, defend your castle against waves of angry villagers.

  Board Games, Make It Yourself, Tabletop Games, Table Games

Veracruz 1631

Make your fortune by loading goods in 3 galleons... if the storm lets you to do so!

  Board Games, Make It Yourself, Tabletop Games, Table Games

Veracruz 1631

Make your fortune by loading goods in 3 galleons... if the storm lets you to do so!

  Escape Room, Mystery, Play, Card Games, Comic Books, Adventure, Comics, Boutique, Coops

Unlock! Secret Adventures

Solve puzzles to escape a madman, journey to Oz, and protect a train.

 Mystery Adventures features three new "escape room" scenarios that you can play on your tabletop Pirates Gold, Mystery, Space Cowboys, Escape Room, Board Games, Adventure, Tabletop, Play, Games

Unlock: Mystery Adventures

Solve puzzles to escape a haunted house, a submarine, and search for pirate gold.

Tanto Cuore Expanding the House Deck Building Game - Entertainment Earth Building Games, Building A Deck, Child Please, Game Themes, House Deck, Garden Theme, Above And Beyond, Love Cards, Maid

Tanto Cuore 2: Expandiendo la Casa

Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House, both a standalone game and the first expansion for Tanto Cuore, brings a garden theme to the world of maid-collecting, with construction cards such as "Garden", "Lily Garden" and "Leaving". This is a Japanese deck-building card game which has a mechanism similar to Dominion. Each player plays as the Lord of a mansion and hires maids to fill out their house to become the King of Maids! The end goal is simple enough, the player who has the most Victory Points…

  Conquistador, Your Turn, Board Games, Star, Tabletop Games, Table Games


Land your crew on the island of SOL, a highly colorful but forgotten island in the Atlantic Ocean, then pit your skills against another team to find and (more importantly) leave the island with the treasure of the God of the Sun. In SOL, players divide into two teams: adventurers vs. conquistadors, with each team having three or four characters. Each character has movement, fighting, and search skills; inventory for two or three items; and a unique special ability for use in the advanced…

  Pilgrim, Board Games, Books, Games, Toys, Libros, Tabletop Games, Pilgrims, Book


Run to the temple, but... moderation! Be the second (or second to last) to win!

Max Temkin is raising funds for Secret Hitler on Kickstarter! A social deduction game for players about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler. Games To Buy, More Games, Hidden Identity, Fun Board Games, Game Boards, New Board, Three Friends, News Games, Best Part Of Me

Secret Hitler

In pre-WW2 Germany, Liberals and Fascists square off in an intrigue-filled parliament

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Plant and cultivate crops to send down the Mississippi to build your empire.

  Dungeons And Dragons, Board Games, Rock, Paper, Tabletop Games, Skirt, Locks, The Rock, Rock Music

Dungeons & Dragons: Piedra Papel Hechizo

Use an ever-changing spellbook of hand gestures! Betray your companions, get riches!

  Family Games, Your Cards, Board Games, Picnic, Snacks, Play, Kids, Crafts, Numbers


Picnic is a quick family game in which players get rid of their hand of cards the fastest by bringing their favorite snacks to the picnic. Every card has six suits with numbers in them relating with different snacks. At the beginning of the game, you choose one of those snacks. To get rid of your cards, you flip a card and every player has to play simultaneously and as fast as possible a card with a higher number in the suit they chose. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

  Your Sky, Bioshock, Board Games, Pets, Animals, Star, Ferris Wheel, Animales, Tabletop Games


Build your sky city economy on a rotating wheel while maximizing investments.