Clara Márquez Schatz

Clara Márquez Schatz

Clara Márquez Schatz
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Global warming threatens the birds we love, including the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis). But if we band together, we can build a brighter future for birds and ourselves. Take action today by spreading the word.

¡El increíble caracol cubano! | Matemolivares

"Priotrochatella stellata", a spikey-shelled snail species of Cuba, are critically endangered due to the exploitation of marble quarries (photo via: ashbreure.

Countours AMARILLO ♡

Underneath of a Mushroom. Again another example of linear patterns created in nature that I think would work well when interpreted on material. I particularly like the uniformity of this pattern.


Fungi mushrooms are packed with texture. I have used this image as the texture is very delicate but also very bold at the same time. I like the shape of this image and would I would enjoy incorporating mushrooms or other foods in my art work.