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Breakfast is super important, but it doesn't have to be boring. Spread your toast with all sorts of good stuff and seize the day!

21 Ideas For Energy-Boosting Breakfast Toasts

21 energy boosting Breakfast Toasts- best food infographics with lots of information for you to check about healthy food, breakfast ideas, salad ideas, fruit combination ideas and smoothies ideas

Turkey, avocado and cucumber lettuce wrap. delicious!

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cucumber, herb and cream cheese sandwiches

cucumber, herb and cream cheese sandwiches (maybe light laughing cow cheese instead of cream cheese) ~for tea sandwiches!

Cucumber Sub - This looks super delicious! Imagine what other ingredients you can put between these cucumber halves!

Cucumber Sub

Cucumber subs! With cucumber, Turkey, green onions and laughing cow cheese. A delicious sandwich without all the bread.

Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches - Chew Out Loud

Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches ~ These Sandwiches are perfect for any kind of shower, party, or gathering. It screams spring and summer, is easy to make, and can be prepared ahead of time! (just make sure they are mini finger sandwiches please)

Cucumber sandwich with tuna and tomatoes

Good idea, turned out good with hummus and tomato. Cucumber Sandwiches (no bread) - do this with tuna salad or chicken salad! I'm thinking cream cheese and tomato. or hummus aaaand.

Turkey-Cucumber Roll Ups

Turkey-Cucumber Roll Ups

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups Recipe with deli lunch meat, tomatoes, shredded carrots, shredded lettuce, paleo mayonnaise

Cucumber sandwiches

7 Low-Carb Recipes for a Healthy 2013 Cucumber sandwiches. Who needs bread or crackers? - Great for a low carb snack!

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