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Why are all of these tutorial descriptions originally always in Spanish?

Quisiera dibujar asi

Natsu Dragneel and Happy from Fairy Tail After my colored ones now a pencil drawing. Btw, it's my first drawing in my new sketchbook. I hope, you like it. Just Cute - Natsu and Happy

adamantred: “Click it ” Carmilla Fan art

Indigo, god of death, whose lover was killed when Dawn warred against him for stealing her child.

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Kakashi Hatake by ~reetab on deviantART I like this drawing because it is from one of my favorite anime characters. I like the shading and how from the original anime, Kakashi looks more realistic and childlike.


Pop Icon Illustrations By Ben Chen

Funny pictures about Pop Icon Illustrations By Ben Chen. Oh, and cool pics about Pop Icon Illustrations By Ben Chen. Also, Pop Icon Illustrations By Ben Chen photos.

Capoeira, The once secret Brazilian Martial Art, combined with Acrobatics, Dance, and Music....

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was developed by African boys brought by the Portuguese to Brazil as slaves, probably beginning in the century (wikipedia)

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