Nunca permitas que la soledad te haga regresar con alguien que tu sabes que no es para ti. #frases

Never let loneliness bring you back to someone you know is not for you.

"One day someone will embrace so strong that all your broken parts will join again.

25 frases célebres de #Gabriel_Garcia_Marquez. #Infografia

25 citas célebres de Gabriel García Márquez #infografia #infographic #citas #quotes

La forma de entender la vida (Repineado x @ljimenez1981)

Sometimes it is not necessary to change the page, sheet, book. Sometimes you just simply change the way you interpret what is written.

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Spanish quotes "Como Puedes llamar a eso amor si lloras mas de lo que sonries" means in english: "How can you call that love if you cry more than you smile" I'm in love with this quote❤️❤️