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My OC —————————————————— art by May-Shad art by art by

Nemesis - chan [Yandere Simulator] by HarunaIchihara

It's Nemesis-chan from Yandere Simulator! Initially, this was meant for the Nemesis-chan contest but I couldn't meet the deadline and still had so much .

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My name is Budo Masuta, for some reason this girl has become my maid . She has a habit that every morning will try to kill his master and fail it. My Yandere Maid

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this guy eat, sleeps and breathes martial arts and i love it best character in the whole game budo masuta belongs to yandere simulator Budo Masuta

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Asu:Is a hairpin,for your Friday love confession Hanako:Ayano Senpai!This is my brother& favorite book! Oka:hehe I think he will certainly accept. Osoro:I will kill .