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Patricia Chadwick

Patricia Chadwick
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Magnesium is very important for our body, as it helps in muscle contraction, lowers anxiety, supports proper heart rhythm, assists the function of the nerves, helps digestion, promotes bone strength and building and balances the protein fluid.

Electrolytes are essential for us to be able to live,and all higher forms of life on this planet need them to survive.Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are.

Tea For Every Mood

Feeling sad, stressed or disturbed? A tea can boost your brain and alertness and give you the much needed energy according to the mood. There’s a common knowledge that oolong, green, black, rooibos teas etc.

Behind The Scenes of our bridal shoot at Aynhoe Park…

One of the biggest trends we& seen this year is incorporating balloons into your wedding design.Whether they& the ceremony backdrop, a new take on centerpieces, take a look at some of the coolest balloon decor ideas we& loving right now.

Birthday lunch inspiration

Lemonade Bar - great idea for a wedding or shower! With and without alcohol. Use small frames, labels or tags to indicate what's in each container. :) Love the fruit and lavender inside perfect for summer wedding