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Flower drawing

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by Juha Kauppila

Apples, pears…

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#NuevaTradición Los 12 mamones del tiempo
Mamoncillos, Genepas, or Guineas as we know them in my country...yum!

Spanish lime , mamón

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Peach Dark food photography
Bak bu dönem sen istediğin ortalamayı yapıyorsun, sonra ben seni güzel bir yemeğe çıkarıyorum, nasıl plan <3

Plums, peaches

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Himbeeren - Himbeeren in der Tasse ,still life


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Chiles aji

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Dragon fruit

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Merey cashew marañon

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14 Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Mandarin Oranges For Skin, Hair and Health


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Passion fruit plant

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Protea flower

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it's beginning to look a lot like.... (mary johoffman)

Pine cones

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Calla lilies

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Roasted Chestnut Recipes: .


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fall leaves
Tutorial on painting fall leaves
From buttery yellow to amber orange and burgundy red, leaves are beginning to turn brilliant hues all across the United States, heralding the arrival of fall as a chill fills the air. To celebrate this seasonal change, we've created a gallery displaying a rainbow of fall leaves.

Fall leaves

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malingyllensvaanMalin Gyllensvaan

Poppies and tulips

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Cold Papaya Soup
Headlines Today - Coffee With Mi


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Cactus Gardens - 47 amazing ideas on how to make one | My desired home
trichocereus-sp-chic pink-seeds-hybrid seeds - Trichocereus sp. Schick Pink seeds hybrid seeds – / … – - #cactusindoor #cactusflowerplants #cactusflower #pricklypearcactusflower #cactusgarden #saguarocactusflower #cactusdiy #cactuscare
Lifestyle imagery shot by photographer Lou Mora. — Lou Mora


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Granatapfel, Fruit Photography, red, awesome, healthy


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Lotus plant

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an old sheet of paper with flowers drawn on it
10 Dibujos originales de los años veinte para patrón de mantones. Cantón, China
a painting of red flowers on a gray background
Chen Huimin 陈慧敏, 1943 | Flowers painter
an illustration of pink flowers with green leaves in the foreground and white clouds in the background
Art nouveau à tous les étages (7) : les pivoines
Flower sketch
a drawing of flowers on paper next to a pen
This South Korean Artist’s Structural Drawings Will Help You Improve Your Drawing Skills – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
This South Korean Artist’s Structural Drawings Will Help You Improve Your Drawing Skills » Design You Trust
a drawing of a pink flower with green leaves and two pencils next to it
Learn the Secrets to Stunning Peony Flower Drawings - Full Bloom Club
Delicate pink peony flower- capturing the beauty of petals and grace
a watercolor painting of two red flowers and bamboo stalks on a black background with white paper
Elena Daniel Yakubovich Art
a painting of an ear of corn on the cob
GUEST ARTIST: "Photorealism In Watercolors" by Meeta Dani - Doodlewash®
a painting of leaves and flowers on a table